What is healing and how does one receive healing?  How does a person even know if they need healing?   We as human beings, usually know when we are feeling less than happy, less than empowered, and less than satisfied with our lives.  We're starting to learn that what starts as a thought and feeling, can soon turn into a physical manifestation, so we really need to be careful with not just what we put into our bodies, but what we put into our minds.  Practices like meditation, reiki, massage therapy, and yoga are great to help us get in touch with our spiritual side.  We know how to feed our body, but we are at a point in society where we must learn how to feed our spirits as well.

The How To of Walking Meditation

Daily life has enough variety and texture for us to begin a very simple daily meditation.  For those of us that don't have a lot of practice in meditiation, a great way to start out is by what I call the daily walking meditation.  It is easy to fall into a sunset, pondering the colors swirling into one another on the horizon.  There is a simple calm that sets in at days end. There is always more than enough natural beauty to enjoy and as we actually take the time to enjoy what nature gave us, a peaceful ease returns to our daily life.  When we are walking, we can be mindful of what  we are doing.  We are walking to breathe deeper, to appreciate where we live, to settle into our deepest calm.  Daily walking meditations are a great introduction into deeper practice. 

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