The Glow Face Oil

This is a miracle oil combining Organic Safflower oil, Organic Noni Fruit, Organic Ylang Ylang and living Bee Pollen into a synergistic oil that delivers the most powerful balancing, anti-aging and anti-acne skin care you have seen. Our formula has been put through a clinical trial by the University of Miami Dermatology department for its treatment of Eczema.  You can read the report on our website.  Our clients have immediate results and rave about their results which you can read on the testimonials page.   All oils are handmade in small batches and can be ordered by giving us a call.  We deliver anywhere in the United States.  We grow our very own Noni fruits and Ylang Ylang flowers at our farm in SW Ranches, FL and the Bee Pollen is locally sourced. 

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Made with love for the Earth!